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About Ruchak Enterprise

“ We have a very simple business model It is based on doing what is right for our Customers "

Ruchak Enterprise is a leading company offering high quality products and innovative solutions in Compressed Air, Pneumatic & Power Tools, Fluid Handling Solutions ,Material Handling Solutions, Finishing Solutions, Lubrication Solutions and many more.

We, in Partnership with our Principals Ingersoll-Rand, Exel Finishing,( Kremlin-Rexson-Sames) PIUSI are committed to bring added value to our customer's businesses.This will be achieved through the provision of high quality products & innovative solutions with highest standard of services and customer care.

         The Products, Systems & Solutions offered are:

Tools: Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Tools, Uryu Pulse Tools, Cordless Battery Powered Tools, Sockets, Bits & Accessories. READ MORE

Fluid Handling Solutions: Pumps, Systems & Solutions for liquid, high viscous and paste like materials. READ MORE

Material Handling Systems: Manual Chain Hoists, Electrical Hoists, Air Hoists, Air Winches, Hydraulic Winches. READ MORE

Ergonomic Handling Systems: Rails, Jib Crane, Air Balancers and Tailor made solutions. READ MORE

Engine Starting Systems: Engine Air Starters, Spares and Services. READ MORE

Air Motors: Vane & Piston Air Motors for various applications, flexible & efficient  alternative to electric motors. READ MORE

Surface Finishing Solutions: Liquid & Powder Coating Equipments, Systems & Solutions from Exel Finishing, France. READ MORE

Fuel & Lubricant Handling Solutions: Pumps, Flow Meters, Dispensing Guns, Fluid Monitoring  Systems , Filtrations & Special Products from PIUSI- Italy.