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Lubrication Equipment


Oil Pumps & Packages

Piston and diaphragm pumps to handle all types of motor oil, gear oil, and transmission type fluids - These pumps are designed to pump from different sized drums and tank units.

5598-2, Pump Grease, product

Grease Pumps | Packages | Ingersoll Rand

Grease pumps and packages designed to handle different drum sizes and applications in the workplace

612999-3, Windshield Fluid Pump Package , Library

Specialty Pumps (Solvents, Coolants, & Washer Fluids)

Piston and diaphragm pumps designed to handle your needs for all specialty type fluids.


U.L. Approved Fuel Pumps

Special diaphragm pumps designed to meet UL 79 specification code for all types of fuels.
635360-2, control handle

Control Handles

Fast reset, totalizing, lightweight control handles featuring patented oval gear wheel design for precise, reliable measurement.