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Surface Prepration / Finishing Tools


Ingersoll Rand lightweight riveters are time-tested performers for industrial riveting, hammering and cutting applications.

Needles / Chiset Scalers / Engraving Pan


Tire Buffer


Standard Duty 
Needle Scaler

For surface preparation work involving the cleaning or removal of paint, rust, dirt, or weld slag, the 125 is a durable, dependable, economical solution.


    • 125 Offers:
    • 19 needles
    • Each needle 1/8" (3.2 mm)
    • 4600 blows per minute at free speed



Pistol Grip Needle Scalers

Choose from the 3,000 blows per minute 170PG or the 2,200 blows per minute 180PG.




    • 170PG:
    • 3,000 blows per minute
    • 19 needles (3mm diameter)
    • 6.6 lbs.
    • 180PG:
    • 2,200 blows per minute
    • 28 needles (3mm diameter)
    • 8.9 lbs.



Pistol Grip Chisel Scalers

Choose from the 3,000 blows per minute 170PG-CS or the 2,200 blows per minute 180PG-CS.




    • 170PG-CS
    • 3,000 blows per minute
    • 1/2" square shank, 7" long chisel
    • 5.3 lbs.
    • 180PG-CS
    • 2,200 blows per minute
    • 1/2" square shank, 7" long chisel
    • 6.8 lbs.


Pistol Grip Scaler Kits

These pistol grip scaler kits, based on either the170PG or the 180PG scaler, come with everything you need to complete your various scaling




    • Kit Includes:
    • Tool with needle attachment
    • 3 different needle packs
    • Chisel holder with 3 different chisels


In-Line Needle / Chisel Scalers

Needle Scalers

The 172LNA1 offers a round needle housing at 5,500 blows per minute; while the 182LNA1 offers a round needle housing at 4,000 blows per minute.



    • Adjustable bayonet-type needle housing lock allows adjustment without special tools.
    • Choice of three needle materials permits custom selection for various surfaces.
    • Rubber-faced throttle valve means positive sealing
    • Tested and approved in accordance with MIL-S-23492A (Ships)
    • Precision heat-treated needles for maximum performance
    • Nineteen 1/8 inch diameter steel needles, 5 inch long


Chisel Scalers

The 172L offers a Lever throttle at 5,500 blows per minute; the 182G offers a Grip throttle at 4,000 blows per minute; the 182L offers a Lever throttle at 4,000 blows per minute



    • Long nozzle section extends retainer life and permits the use of a variety of accessories
    • Positive lock chisel retainer is simple to operate
    • Strengthened head block holds up under the most extreme conditions


In-Line Scaler Kit

Based on the 182L or the 172L In-Line Scaler, each kit comes complete with the tool and accessories (Needles and Chisels) in a handy storage case.




    Kit Includes:

    • 182K1 (Model 182L scaler) or 172K1 (Model 182L scaler)
    • Complete NS11A needle attachment with 5" (127mm) long needles
    • One set of NS11-122-19 extended steel needles, 7" (178mm) long
    • 3 chisels - angle, straight, and flat
    • Durable vinyl carrying case